Friday, March 30, 2007

The Voluminous Links-Story Of Stiles, Devil Rays Fan (catch up version)

So I've been writing alot of articles on this website called "All Sports, All You"
Anyone can contribute, easy to do, so I go for it, right?

And I'm writing on there for a while (here's my ArmchairGM archives)

and I get this idea to sell my fanship and blogger abilities (I promised to write at least 50 articles) - on ebay for charity

The media picks up on it

Then the President of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays wins the bid. Yes, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are an actual real Major League Baseball team!

So I started : this site (The Yankees have their Empire, the Red Sox have their Nation, the Devil Rays have the Universe!!!) and also continue to contribute on ArmchairGM as well. I am going to Tampa in April to interview executive staff, players, anyone who will respond to my questions and hang out with the media so I can write about them as well!

Also check out my commercials!!! Unlike anything else you've seen.


more basketball


"Out of Shape"

after the first few, they made fun of my orange striped shorts

Spring Training

One of my radio interviews set to a slide show

And of course, there's MORE to come! Hit me up e-mail syles

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