Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Surveys Galore - Let me see what the fanbase thinks!

Are you ready to answer a few simple questions? EVERYONE likes surveys, be like one of the cool kids and pick your favorite answers to the Devil Rays specific questions!

Tampa Bay Devil Rays... one of the more 'interesting' names in baseball for sure, but not for long, I understand.

So... the name is changing. What SHOULD the team's name REALLY be next year?
Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Tampa Bay Rays
Florida Devil Rays of St Petersburg of Tampa Bay Area
St Petersburg Devil Rays
Western Florida Devil Rays
Tampa Bay Manta Rays
Tampa Bay Sun Rays
Tampa Bay Manatees
AAAA All Stars
Las Vegas Jackpots
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A trade seems inevitable. There's a TON of young talent and not alot of veteran leadership. To make the leap, a trade may be neccessary.

Check off ALL of the pieces you'd give up to make a "difference" trade possible...

If a trade can make a difference, who do you LEAST want to trade?
Rocco Baldelli
B.J. Upton
Delmon Young
Jonny Gomes
Jorge Cantu
Elijah Dukes
Evan Longoria
Reid Brignac
Trade 'em ALL EXCEPT Crawford and Kazmir!!
Like what we got/ don't want to give up talented youth.
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So obviously, what is a poll without having you predict some sort of "future"???

How will the Devil Rays 2007 season end?
World Series Victors!
AL Champions!!!
ALDS Winners!
AL EAST winners,
2nd place AL East, AL Wild Card
3rd place, AL East
4th place, AL East
5th place, AL East
What's the record for LEAST wins, again?
Less than one victory per Manny Stiles article...
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And now, time for one more precise prediction!

How many wins will the Devil Rays compile in the regular season?
81 even
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Thank you for your precious time and for giving me some of your mouseclicks (hey, you only get so many mouseclicks in life, make 'em count!)

1 comment:

Ski said...

what, no Tampa Bay Thunder option? I will abstain from this survey!

(that's a lie, I voted for Florida Devil Rays of St Petersburg of Tampa Bay Area)