Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Devil Rays Universe

Devil Rays Universe!!!

Let the Yankees have their "Empire".

Go on with your bad selves, Red Sox "Nation".

This is the "Devil Rays Universe"

Coming Soon!


Anonymous said...

(Devil Rays Universe!!!
Let the Yankees have their "Empire".
Go on with your bad selves, Red Sox "Nation".
This is the "Devil Rays Universe")
This is the perfect start for you Manny. We are Rays fans and don't give a dame about the Yank or Boston except for how bad we beat them. We want to talk about the Rays good or bad. Rays fans are true fans and don't run after the 7th when we are loosing. We don't give up on our players. We have waited a long time for success and it is close. Charlie from Auburndale FL

Manny Stiles said...

Damn right, Charlie!!

Manny is a fan for every inning!

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of fans are worried about the Rays performance this spring. Lets look at what we have to look forward to. Our O/F is one of the best in BB. Four five tool players. Crawford, Baldelli, Young & Dukes. 3B a gold glove good hitting player from Japan Akinori Iwamura. SS Ben Zobrist who played a great SS for us last year but had trouble at the bat but went to winter ball & did fantastic and it continued into spring. 2B is still up in the air but BJ Upton looks great at this spot. He is probably the best athlete on the Rays & Cantu as back-up. 1B Ty Wigginton was one of our best hitters last year & with Pena as backup a good combo. C Shawn Riggans will be the catcher to look for but Navarro will take most of the starts. DH Jonny Gomes could hit 40 HR's & Greg Norton could hit 20 HR's Pitching you have Scott Kazmir one of the best in the league, Jae Seo who has added about 5mph to his fast ball and looking much better, James Shields, Casey Fossum & Edwin Jackson who could not get the ball over the plate last year but don't give up on this guy. He has the best fast ball on the Rays (UPPER 90'S) & reminds me of a ball player the Mets had & gave up on him before he could find his control and his name was Nolan Ryan. Bull Pen? Now this is a sore spot for us. A couple of good pitchers like Brian Stokes that could also be a starter if we need but this is where we need help. Chad Orvella, Ruddy Lugo, Shawn Camp are just average but no closer. Rays Management said that if we don't find a closer by mid March they would consider making a move to improve with a trade at this time. OK LET'S DO IT. With some pitching help we could win 50 at home & 40 on the road. This is what the fans need to read.
Charlie Troeger
Auburndale FL