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Sports Anagrams: Pasta Bay Army

Another steamy pile of non-sense from Name Isn't Sly.....If you don't remember how to play...

This time it's ALL Devil Rays, all the time! And by the way, the title is the only decent Sports Anagram you can make after removing the word "Devil" from 'Tampa Bay Devil Rays'. I promised anagrams, you're getting anagrams!

I was thinking of using the 50 best Sports Anagrams as titles (I just noticed what happens if you leave 2 s's on the word "titles") for articles throughout the season.

Here is some possible article titles you could be looking forward to (all are anagrams for "Tampa Bay Devil Rays") somewhere amidst the season.

Viably Dreamy Pasta

Viably Made Pastry

Simply Beady Avatar

Vary Pay, Blast Media

Private Abysmal Day

Pay As A Balmy Divert

Avid, Stay, Pray, Blame

A Abysmal Depravity

A Variable Stymy Pad

A Bastard Pay My Evil

Adapter By My Saliva

Variably Damp Yeast

Salivate Map By Yard

Smart Viable Payday

My Pit, A Savable Yard

Data May Vary Per Libs

Lapidary May Be Vast

Adapts Very Amiably

Pita Salad Bevy Army

Bedlam AT Spt Aviary

Lava Bypast Midyear

Team Pray Advisably

A Betrayal Damps Ivy

Ably Avid Paymaster

A Palm Abates Dry Ivy

A Very Baptismal Day

Vapidly Astray Beam

A Rapidly Vast Maybe

Pry My Vast Labia-Ade

BiYearly Data Vamps

Maybe Lips Vary Data

A Parade By My Vitals

Admirably Stave Pay

Lay By Vamp Radiates

My Availed Abs Party

Bats Payed Ivy Alarm

Vet Ails By Pay Drama

Aviary Blamed Patsy

Lava Based Pity Army

Mail Bravest Payday

I Spat Verbal Mayday

Avidly By Aspartame

Database Vary Imply

V.A.T. by Dare I Say, Lamp?

As By Vim, Already Apt

Vast Radial Pay By Me

Pay Vet AS By Admiral

Validates Pay By Arm

May Bats Prevail Day!

Bay's Private Malady

So you can see some potential here, eh? They practically write themselves

Now for Players -

Carl Crawford- Crawl For Card, Ford Car Crawl... not the greatest anagrams so

Scott Kazmir - Rack Most Zit, Smack Zit Rot, Mock Zit Star, Art Mocks Zit

B.J. Upton- Punt Job (the one and only one anagram for his name)

Delmon Young- Ogled My Noun, Lo My Dungeon, Glued On My No, My Loon Nudge, No Gun Melody, My Noodle Gun, No Ugly Demon, My Undone Log, On My Long Due, Ungodly Omen, Yo Dung Melon, Dog Menu Only, Nu Gone Moldy, Loud Neon Gym, Nylon Ego Mud, Do Ogle My Nun

Rocco Baldelli- Calico Bedroll, Bed Color Lilac, Local Cold Brie, Laced Brocolli, Cod Boil Recall, Cobra Lice Doll

Jonny Gomes- Nosy Men Jog,Jog My Neons, Joy Men Song

Dioner Navarro- On A Radon River, Rain Donor Rave, A Vain Error Nod, A Van Odor In Err, Or Iron Veranda, Iron Radar Oven, Redo or Nirvana, Avian Error Nod, Roar on Invader

Seth McClung- has no anagrams for his name

James Shields- Jam Hides Less, Lies Jam Sheds

Jorge Cantu- Centaur Jog, Not Care Jug, Not Gun Race, Jag Counter, Cute Jargon, Conjure Tag

Carlos Pena- A Porn Scale, As Clean Pro, Carnal Pose, Coarse Plan, Loans Recap, Acorn Lapse

Akinori Iwamura- Main Kiwi Aurora

Greg Norton- Rent Gorgon, Gong or Rent, Not Err Gong

Brendan Harris- reran His Brand, Drab Inner Rash, Rid Rah Banners, Brash Rain Nerd, Darns Her Brain, Harder Bras Inn

Ben Zobrist- Ribbon Zest, Bronze Bits, Biz Orbs Net

Ty Wigginton- Witty Noggin, Twinging Toy, Tying No Twig, Tying Got Win, Gin Tying Two

Heep Seop Choi- Hi Cheese Poop, Hi Pope Echoes, Ooh, Pie Speech, Hose Hop Piece, Oh Hope Pieces, Echo Shoe Pipe, He Choose Pipe, He Copies Hope

Elijah Dukes- Hue Jades Ilk, Duh Seek Jail

Casey Fossum- Mess of Saucy, Soy Cuss Fame, Coy Seam Fuss, Essay of Scum, Focus my Seas, Foamy Cusses, Use Comfy Ass

Dan Micelli - A Minced Ill, Decimal Nil, Called Mini, In Calm Deli, Iced In Mall

Dustan Mohr- Hand Tumors, Hard Mounts, So Damn Hurt, Random Tush, Tundra Mosh, Humor Stand, Hansom Turd, Donuts Harm, Humans Trod, Do Nuts Harm, Rotund Mash, Rounds Math, Haunts Dorm, Trash Mound, Drum on Hats, Arm Thuds On, No Smart Duh, Smart Hound,

Edwin Jackson- A Jock Wins End, Jacked in Snow, Jocks and Wine, Ninja Cow Desk, Jaws Once Kind

Shawn Camp- Champ Swan, Pawn Chasm, Mach Spawn

Tim Corcoran- Raccoon Trim, Micron Actor, Moronic Cart, Comic Nor Art

and coaches, front office and executive staff....

Joe Maddon - Jaded Moon, One Odd Jam

Bill Evers- I Sell Verbs, Rib Levels

Steve Henderson- No Sheered Vents, Need Stern Shove, The Oven Redness, He'd Onset Nerves

Don Zimmer- I med normz

Andrew Friedman- New Drama Friend, End Warfare Mind, Fine Warm Dander, Warned Mired Fan

Matt Silverman- Metals Varmint, Arms Maven Tilt, Smart Mail Vent, Slam Tin Arm Vet, Let Man Star Vim

Stu Sternberg- Regrets Bunts

Tropicana Field- Fine Radical Top, Oil Print Facade, It Flop Radiance, Flip Into Arcade, Antacid Profile, Fanatic Idol Rep, Factional Pride, Fried Placation, Cranial Dope Fit, Afraid Clone Pit, Profaned Italic, Replication Fad, Fornicated Pail, Partial Confide.

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