Saturday, March 17, 2007

Manny Stiles Announces April Visit to the 813 and 727

Breaking News!!! Manny Stiles has begun to finalize plans for an April visit to Tampa/St Petersburg, FL. Details will be released in a slow trickle in order to build the drama over time. Which is helpful since the details are pretty much developing at the same rate of speed.

Yes, I am going to some games!

Yes, I am getting some interviews!

Yes, I am planning on hosting the World's Largest LIVE Devil Rays Running Gameblog while I am at the game! (TBA)

Also -
Despite some recent computer issues I've been barely "dealing with", I am available to answer your questions... they don't even need to be Devil Rays related!

Also if you are a Devil Rays blogger or know someone else who is, I want to hear from you! (I have an idea - see above)

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