Monday, April 23, 2007

Join the LIVE running blog of tonight's game!

We're making blog history tonight on the 'Chair! ( - All Sports, All You)

Manny Stiles is at the stadium, in the press box. You're watching it at home on ESPN. Anyone can comment early, often. Just make semi-insightful comments please! (no emephing profanities, ya seeyessers)

This isn't a Stiles-only event, JOIN IN! This is for everyone... yes, even Yankee fans. See? We all enjoy.

New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Devil Rays, tonight on ESPN and

Damn I hate having to "act professional". As a credentialled media member, I can't root aloud from the press box. This is also the first time I'm seeing the Yankees in person and I'm NOT allowed to boo, either! Son of a... They've put up with my "yeahs", "oohs" and one raucous "You don't run on Delmon! You're toast" when Kelly Shoppach got gunned at the plate on Saturday.

But alas!!! I 'can' scream my head off on-line! And I will! Go Devil Rays! "Yankees Suck! Year 2000! Pinstripes are for *expletives*! All Yankees fans born after 1920 are bandwagon jumpers!" etc and so on!!! Woooo! (I feel better already)

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Jordi said...

Liked your live blog. You missed a lot of other action last night though. Had to keep my head on a swivel at a local sports bar. Check out my own d-rays wrap-up and other stuff here:

Keep up the good work.