Friday, March 28, 2014

What? You thought I left? Why?

616-519 since I became a fan. Six straight winning seasons. 1 World Series appearance, 2-time AL East Champs, and two more Wild Card showings.

David Price has a Cy Young. Evan Longoria, Jeremy Hellickson and Wil Myers have won RoY awards. AND... Who can forget "Game 163"?

Sure, LOTS has changed since 2007. But more has stayed the same...

Matt Silverman is still Team President. Joe Maddon is still manager. Rick Vaughan is still very prominent in the organization. Even my guy Marc Topkin is still pumping out quality copy with the Tampa Bay Tribune.

Ben Zobrist is the only player still on the roster from "the season of the charity blogger". The Rays still need a more viable home and the general public outside of the Gulf Coast of Florida still spews out inanities and misguided opinions about the team...

But I am STILL a Rays fan.

I never dreamed I would be so dedicated to one team. But here I am. Why would I have EVER dream of leaving?

I haven't and I will not.

They got me by accident, they've kept me on purpose!

- - - - - My absence has only been online (for reasons that will not be explained now). I've been a hardcore Rays fan in the real world the WHOLE time since March of 2007 - - - - -

THREE days until opening day!

Let the season BEGIN!

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